Graduation Awards 2023

*Graduation Awards are now closed *

A List of Graduation Awards

  • Class Valedictorian

  • KUCSC Excellence Award

  • King’s Spirit Award

  • King’s Humanitarian Award

  • King’s Community Life Award

  • King’s Religious Life Award

  • King’s Athletic Pride Award

  • KUCSC Golden “K” Award

  • KUCSC Service Award  

  • KUCSC TA Award for Excellence

  • KUCSC International Student Award

Important Dates

February 10th: Award applications are due at midnight.

February 13th-17th: Valedictorian campaign period and voting.

February 17th: Winners are contacted via email.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Grad Ball Award? Grad Ball Awards are given to graduating students in recognition of their outstanding achievements during their undergraduate years. Grad Ball Awards will be handed out at the Grad Ball on Sunday, March 19th or mailed to the recipient’s address. All nominees and applicants must be graduating in 2023.

How do I apply? Each award is unique and requires a quick application process. To apply for awards, or to learn more about them, click the link in our bio! This will take you to a google form where you can read more about the awards and their requirements as well as apply for them.

Who selects the Grad Award winner? Award winners will be selected by the Grad Award Committee, except for the Valedictorian, who all graduating students will vote on.

How is the Valedictorian selected? After written applications are received, candidates will meet with the VPSE. Candidates are encouraged to participate in a two-day campaign period, after which voting will commence. The Valedictorian will be voted on by the graduating class through a voting portal in their emails.