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Best buddies at kings places students and adults in the London community with intellectual/developmental disabilities to make friendships. We typically hold group events monthly for all our members to come to, but we’re looking into how exactly this will look virtually! As a student, you will be matched with a buddy in the community and can communicate or get together (virtually or social-distanced for now) as you would with any other friend! We’d love to have you join us, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or for further information! 

Club's Instagram: bestbuddies.kings
Facebook: Best Buddies at King’s University College

The King's Accounting Club is an academic club sponsored by CPA who welcomes all BMOS students to be apart of. We are excited to offer plenty of Covid friendly events that help student connect with potential employers and/or to network with people who work in the industry and hear first hand what the world of accounting offers.

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King's CSI Club seeks to allow both students and faculty of the Childhood and Social Institutions Program to freely interact outside the classroom setting. Club members are active within the King's and London communities as we strive to fundraise for worthy causes by devoting our time and energy to helping children and families.

King’s Children Association works alongside the Children’s Aid Society (CAS), a non-profit organization that provides protection, support and care for children at risk and promotes the healthy development of children, families and communities. Our goal is to provide these children with enriching and meaningful experiences within the community and with other children and volunteers. We run a couple of events throughout the year, including holiday parties, movie nights, and events out in the community.

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Socials: Kingschildrenassociation

KEMS is an academic club that strives to help students in areas of academic achievement, career skill enhancement, and personal professional growth. Through working closely with professors and professionals, the club is able to help students through academic workshops for math and economics, networking opportunities for students with companies of interest, and workshops to develop unique personal skills.

Although this academic year might have changes ahead, KEMS plans to hold a variety of virtual events available to its members. Some events include; a LinkedIn Workshop, Interview Clinics, Networking Events, a variety of Academic Workshops, an HR Workshop, an Income Tax Clinic, and more. KEMS may intrigue many business students, however, our events target a range of skills applicable to all programs of study. We welcome all students in our journey of "soaring towards success," and we welcome you to follow our social media pages to stay up to date.

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Club's Instagram: @kemsclub
Club's Facebook: King's EconoMath Society

The King's French Club at King's is a club for all Francophone speakers; it is a great way to make friends and practice your oral French skills through participating in fun activities, events and games.

Instagram: @kingsfrenchclub

Facebook: King's French Club at Western University  

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Club's Email:

The goal of this club is to help international students connect within the larger student community, both physically and culturally. Looking to participate in cultural events and activities? International students will find support in their lives outside of their home countries and find a culture that includes their needs and lifestyles. You will also find support in matters of advocacy within the King’s community- in the KUCSC or otherwise and be able to lend your voice wherever needed. Please email us at for more information and sign-up now!

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Formerly King's Investment Club (KIC)

Founded in 2017, with guidance and donations from capital markets professionals from the King's Alumni Association, King's Capital Management (KCM) is Ontario's first student run, socially responsible investing club. Our aim is to deliver professional quality of research and focus on high returns, while offering unique experience to the students involved, investors and those interested in the world of financial markets. To meet our social responsible criteria, students must choose and analyze stocks from ETF's with a low carbon mandate. Our goal is to have returns of 2% relative to the MSCI Social ETF Index. Join us for our yearly networking trips with BMO Capital Markets and National Bank! We are still in the development process.

Club's Facebook: King’s Capital
Club's Instagram: kingscapitalmanagement

The KPSA discusses the major philosophies of the past while discussing the modern application and importance of one’s own philosophy. The long term goal of the KPSA is to help students administer their own views and observations into a personal philosophy that does not indulge in the self. The secondary goal is to meet new people, have a good time and learn something new.

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King's Players is King's and Western's only dedicated, weekly meeting, Theater Company and Improv group. During the year we put on two major stage shows, a musical and a stage play, the auditions for which are held in September. We also host several other smaller shows, like Improv Survivor, a Scavenger Hunt, and two 24 Hour Theater events.

The King's Players gather every Thursday night at 9:30 in the basement of the Dante Leonardon building. Meetings consist of club discussion followed by a series of improv games. Anyone is welcome to come out even if it's just to watch!

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The King's Political Science Students Association (KPSSA) is a student run club directed at undergraduate students who have chosen to pursue the discipline of Political Science and who wish to engage in activities related to their academic and future careers outside of the lecture hall. This is the go-to club for those interested in engaging speakers, memorable trips, and challenging discussions. It is a great way to meet with other students, build connections with professors, and expand your network to include other campuses, schools and academics from around the world. The KPSSA serves as a link between the department and students, as well as promotes a closer working dynamic between these two groups.

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Club's Instagram: @kingspolisciclub)
Club's Facebook: @KPSSA2)
Club's Twitter: @KingsPoliSciClb

The King’s Psychology Club is an event-based club with the goal to educate students in an enjoyable manner by holding fun and exciting events for those interested in the Psychology community. King’s Psychology Club looks to bring students, community members and faculty together at centrally located events where they can share food, drinks, and discussion. We also aim to provide club members with the opportunity to learn about current research, possible career paths, and academic opportunities available to you. We run study groups for first year students in the Psychology 1000 course to help prepare them for their midterm or final exam. These events are a great opportunity to get to know many of your Psychology professors and other students with the same interests as you!

The Social Justice and Peace Studies club is a collective of like-minded individuals looking to stand together in activism, community, and support. This club is a supportive, open minded and welcoming place for all SJP students to come together. This club holds a variety of different events including faculty socials, alumni events, holiday themed socials, a community for those to go and protest together and fight for justice, this club chooses to raise money for organizations that align with our views and values as a club. The Social Justice and Peace Studies faculty and club work alongside to create events for social justice students. This club is also very active on social media. The things we are continuously posting about are injustices and news that are occurring, events that we plan on holding or events that we think the Social Justice students would like to be a part of and we share a wide variety of supports for students who are struggling.

Why Join?

  • To gain a community
  • Meet lifelong friends
  • Make connections
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Attend protests / rallies together
  • Get mentorship from upper year students

Preview of our last year events

  • Writing letters to elders
  • Bottle and food drive for the organization Safe Space
  • Valentine's and Saint patty's social
  • Movie nights
  • Alumni events
  • Social justice townhalls
  • Instagram lives about important issues

This year we plan to incorporate the events that we did last year in addition to incorporating new initiatives events and ideas.

Contact Information

Club's Instagram: SJP Club
Club's Facebook: King's Social Justice and Peace Club 2021
Club Email:
Student Faculty Rep Email:


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The Thanatology Club (fondly called Than Club) is the official academic club for the King’s Thanatology program. Than Club is open to any King’s, Western and affiliate students interested in topics around death, dying, bereavement, grief, and loss/non-death loss (we also often enjoy fun “spooky” stuff, like skulls or grim reapers!) These topics can be considered extremely taboo in society but play huge roles in our lives, and Than Club hopes to open conversations around these subjects and learn more about the multitude of ways we experience them in our lives and careers. Previous meetings have included visiting Denning’s Funeral Home in Strathroy, a presentation by Western’s Body Bequeathal Program (laymen’s terms: donating your body to science), arts and crafts meetings to relax and have fun, death cafes, informational presentation by Spiritualists and mediums, game nights and many other things. This year the club is hoping to host interesting guest speakers and discussions using Zoom, online game nights or craft nights, maybe even a Netflix Watch Party or two!

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The Pride Project at King's

Description: We are a social club for queer students on campus! Our goal is to provide a safe space for 2SLGBTQIA+ students on campus while advocating for their well being and promoting allyship on campus. Throughout the year you can expect to see different sorts of socials, panels, and more! We also have created an online community for our group to help foster friendship and connection on a daily basis while keeping connected with the club!

Club's Instagram: @prideprojectkuc

Club sign-up link:

Developing Countries Everywhere (DCE)

ABOUT US: DCE at Kings is a ratified club under KUCSC and is currently seeking to develop a community of students to discuss global crises and conduct discussions and forums. This is a space for students to feel comfortable and immerse themselves in roundtable discussions and community activities.

MISSION: Our mission is to step away from the traditional learning avenues by seeking to bring awareness of various global crises and international developments. As a part of the student body at King's University College, we would like to demonstrate our elaborative theorization by creating a blueprint to objectively analyze the science of the deeply rooted issues in the City of London and as well the King's Community. With the same mindset and value to help enrich our community. DCE @ Kings is committed to foster any direct action to make our community a better place. 

VISION: Our vision is to provide a space for students to articulate themselves without feeling the pressure of being within a classroom setting. We want to make every student feel valued and comfortable while sharing their opinions. DCE @ King's is not just a club but a small community that emphasizes the need for connection with peers and neutral spaces for discussion. Our goal is to engage in community building on a local and international level through partnering with clubs at King's, Western, Huron, local/international organizations and DCE organization.

Follow them on Instagram: @DCE_atkings 

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King's Entrepreneurship Club