• KUCSC Club’s Coordinators: Luke Gallat and  Quynh Tran - clubs@kucsc.com
  • KUCSC VP Student Events: Miranda Currie- events@kucsc.com

Through The Association of Short Kings at King's, we aim to create a social outlet for students by providing high-quality entertainment, various activities and amenities that go beyond any particular interests and, rather opt to celebrate the individual and community as one.
The objective of The Association of Short Kings at King's is to foster community and belonging through a variety of social events.

Club's Email:  shortkingsclub@kucsc.com 

Club's Instagram: @kingsshortkingss

Best buddies is an organization that is dedicated to enhancing our community through one-to-one friendships between people with intellectual disabilities and their peers. We hope to break down the barriers between people with disabilities and students. We want to change the whole dynamic that surrounds disability and create a more inclusive community. If you are interested in meeting new friends and keeping long- term friendships, come and join best buddies where all year (once a month) we will be having virtual events for us to come together as a club and community to be able to create lasting memories with amazing friends. In person when available but we will keep you guys updated!

Club's Email:  bestbuddies@kucsc.com

Club's Instagram: bestbuddies.kings

Our club provides students interested in studying business or business related opportunities or hobbies at King’s University College, the resources to make informed decisions about their academic and professional futures. Our club creates an environment that promotes networking amongst peers, campus administration, and potential employers in a positive and memorable setting to set students up for the best possible future. Perks of joining the King's BMOS Association include: Free exam help sessions for all Business 1220 and Business 2257 Exams; the opportunity to network with fellow Economics, Business and Math students and faculty; seminars on the opportunities available to students in the BMOS program at King's including MOS Internships; an annual BMOS trip; and much more!

Club's Email: kings.bmos@kucsc.com 

Club's Websitehttps://kingsbmos.wixsite.com/website-1 

Club's Facebook: King’s BMOS Association 

Club's Instagram: kingsbmosclub

 Our vision is to help students build meaningful connections within the library community by promoting student engagement and research confidence. We plan to create a safe space for members come together and discuss what members are reading, working on, or what they plan to discover. Chapter Chats was organized on the principle of spreading our passion for exploring literature. We encourage professional development through outreach, lead discussions about current books/topics/research, and help undergraduate students connect with library resources (including subject librarians, database navigation, and basic library tutorials). We plan to read one book per semester and give members the opportunity to vote on each semesters book choice.

President Information: Ali Walker, Business Management and Organization Studies, specialization in Human Resources. Minor in Sociology. Year 4
Message from the President:

Hello King’s Community! I am delighted to be president during the first year of the clubs creation. The executives and I are excited to offer King’s a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds and interests to come together to discuss literature. We strive to remain neutral in ideologies and attempt to provide a variety of fiction novels for members to vote on. Chapter chats is looking forward to all the events we have planned for the 2023/2024 academic year. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns.

Club's Email: chapterchatsclub@kucsc.com

Club's members join linkhttps://forms.gle/DpiMpUymtxSYyQ7SA

Club's Instagram: @kcclc.chapterchats

Fable Book Clubs App: Chapter Chats

We are a group of young leaders working to identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health in our community. With training and mentorship from Jack.org staff, we organize mental health initiatives that are designed to meet the needs of our peers. Through these awareness and education initiatives, we raise awareness, reduce stigma, encourage help-seeking, and build mentally healthy communities.

Club Email jack.orgkings@kucsc.com

Club Instagram: @jackorgkings

Club Email: kia@kucsc.com
Club Instagram: @kiaatkings

Our goal is to enrich academic life and provide a social environment in which undergraduates, academics, and community members have the opportunity to come together and partake in a collaborative forum that emphasizes the relevance and value of all things historical.

Club's Email: jmscareless@kucsc.com
Club's Instagram: @jmshistoryclub 

The King's Accounting Club is an academic club sponsored by CPA who welcomes all BMOS students to be apart of events that help student connect with potential employers and/or to network with people who work in the industry and hear first hand what the world of accounting offers.

Club's Email: kac@kucsc.com

Club's Instagram: @kingsacctclub


Our mission is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where students at King's University College can build community and engage in cultural experiences. Our objectives are to build community, promote black culture, act as a liaison and increase inclusivity and participation

Club's Email: kingsbsa@kucsc.com

Club's Instagram: @kings_bsa

Linktree: kingsbsa | Linktree

Formerly King's Investment Club (KIC)

Founded in 2017, with guidance and donations from capital markets professionals from the King's Alumni Association, King's Capital Management (KCM) is Ontario's first student run, socially responsible investing club. Our aim is to deliver professional quality of research and focus on high returns, while offering unique experience to the students involved, investors and those interested in the world of financial markets. To meet our social responsible criteria, students must choose and analyze stocks from ETF's with a low carbon mandate. Our goal is to have returns of 2% relative to the MSCI Social ETF Index. Join us for our yearly networking trips with BMO Capital Markets and National Bank! We are still in the development process.

Club's Emailkcm@kucsc.com 
Club's Facebook: King’s Capital
Club's Instagram: kingscapitalmanagement


King’s Children Association works alongside the Children’s Aid Society (CAS), a non-profit organization that provides protection, support and care for children at risk and promotes the healthy development of children, families and communities. Our goal is to provide these children with enriching and meaningful experiences within the community and with other children and volunteers. We run a couple of events throughout the year, including holiday parties, movie nights, and events out in the community.

Club's Email: kingskidsclub@kucsc.com

Club's Instagram: @Kingschildrenassociation

KEMS is an academic club that strives to help students in areas of academic achievement, career skill enhancement, and personal professional growth. Through working closely with professors and professionals, the club is able to help students through academic workshops for math and economics, networking opportunities for students with companies of interest, and workshops to develop unique personal skills. While we are tailored towards the economics and mathematics fields, KEMS is welcoming towards students from all streams of BMOS and other programs. Our highly anticipated case competition in March attracts students from all across campus with its realistic problem solving and skills showcasing alongside a cash reward. Feel free to follow us on all forms of social media to stay up to date with our events!

VP of HR and Comms Info: James Birch - 4th Year in BMOS Specialization in Accounting

Message from the VP of HR and Comms:

Hello King’s students! The KEMS executive team is honoured to represent this amazing group of students. We hope to make lasting connections within the King’s community and help prepare students for the professional world. Even though we promote our academic events and mentoring, we are just as passionate about getting to know each and everyone of you personally too! Feel free to reach out to us through any form of contact at any time. 

Club's members join link: [click here]

Club Instagram username: kemsclub

Facebook: King’s Economath Society

LinkedIn: King’s Economath Society - KEMS

The King’s English Club is a social organization dedicated to bringing together English students as well as anyone interested in joining. Our primary focus is to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment where members can socialize, have fun, and support each other in any English related endeavors.

President's info: Mehida Vasquez-Ruano, Major in English Language and Literature

Message from the President:

Hello King’s Community! I am delighted to welcome you to the King’s English Association (KEATS). The Executives and I are both honoured and excited to welcome any and all members of this club and cannot wait to meet everyone at our upcoming socials for this 2023/2024 year!

Club's Email: englishclub@kucsc.com

Club's members join link: [click here]

Club Instagram username: @kingskeats

Established in 2022, King's Entrepreneurship Association (KEA) stands as a vibrant student-led initiative that offers a unique and enriching opportunity to the King's community. At KEA, we host a diverse range of learning experiences, including sales pitching and public speaking events, ideation seminars, networking gatherings, and a wide range of resources tailored to ignite the spark of business and entrepreneurship within King’s students. KEA collaborates with esteemed institutions like the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship, creating the perfect balance of academia and entrepreneurship. If you're intrigued by the notion of launching your own business venture someday, seeking to connect with like-minded, passionate students, and wanting to acquire invaluable business and life skills while elevating your overall King's experience, then look no further than King's Entrepreneurship Association!

President's Info: Brock Barber - 3rd year BMOS- Honours Specialization in Finance & Administration 

Message from the President:

Hi there! I am honoured to be the Co-founder and President of King’s Entrepreneurship Association! The executive team and I are thrilled to continue providing a diverse range of entrepreneurial resources and experiences to each of our 70+ members! I look forward to continuing the development of the world’s next Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musks’ haha. If you have any questions or would like some more information, feel free to reach out to me!

Club's Email: kea@kucsc.com 

Club's Instagram: @KEAatKings

Club's Join Link: [click here]


King’s French Club offers a safe learning environment for French students at all levels of French to practice their skills! Throughout the year, we will run fun bilingual events, activities, study sessions, and more to enhance students’ oral and written French competencies. As a club, we will work together to learn more about the French culture and language, in hopes of improving all of our abilities, particularly by engaging in conversation and academic opportunities. This club is also a space for beginners and those at advanced levels to strengthen friendships with one another, and build a tighter-knit francophone community at King’s. King’s French Club is not only amusing, educational, and helpful, but it is also a club that has a place for everyone willing to learn this beautiful language. We cannot wait to meet you and we hope to see you soon at our future events. À bientôt! :)

President's Info: Aizlyn Donkervoort (Honours Double Major in French Language & Literature and Sociology)

Message from the President:

Before I revived this club, I felt that I struggled a lot finding a comfortable place for me to practice my oral French skills in particular. With this, by reviving this club, I wanted to create an environment where King’s students could practice and enhance their skills, build friendships, and ask questions. I am a strong believer that this club will give students with all levels of French the opportunity to learn, develop and strengthen their language abilities, and truly become a part of the King’s French community. This club exists to provide a safe learning environment so that students can comfortably practice, fail, and try again. Learning another language is very challenging. Failing is normal and allows you to learn and grow. I am so excited to see what this year brings to the King’s French Club, we hope to see you soon. Au plaisir de vous voir bientôt !

Club's Instagram: kingsfrenchclub
Club's Linktree: [click here]
Facebook: King’s French Club 
Member Join Link: [click here]

The TNLA Club aims to provide enriching cross-disciplinary experiences to students interested in the humanities. By connecting like-minded students, the TNLA Club provides enriching social and academic experiences that foster appreciation for interdisciplinary learning. One of the main objectives of the Club is the mentorship program, which pairs upper year students with first (or second) year students. Although the Club is centered around The New Liberal Arts program, the TNLA Club is open to all students. 

Co-Presidents Info: Naomi Addley (Honours Double Major in Criminology and Psychology, King's Scholar) and Olivia (Honours Double Major in History and English, King's Scholar) 

Message from the President(s):

Hello King's Community! I am honoured to be the co-president of the TNLA Club this year! After being just recently ratified, we're looking forward to a fun year of events! Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns! - Olivia, Co-president

Hi everyone! In the spirit of The New Liberal Arts program and the community here at King's, I hope TNLA Club can bring together a diverse group of students with a plethora of interests. If you're at all interested in anything related to the humanities, come on in and you'll find plenty of learning-hungry folks ready to engage!  - Your Co-President, Naomi

Club's Email: newliberalartsclub@kucsc.com

Club's Instagram: @thenewliberalarts

Member Join Link: [click here]


The King’s Philosophy Club aims to be a community for all students with an interest in growing their philosophical knowledge. You do not have to be a philosophy major or even philosophy minor. We welcome students from all disciplines. Our goal is to help students, through peer discussions, to develop their own views and observations about the world in which we live. We also strive to have fun and learn new things!  

President's Info: Our current Presidents are Emma Wilton (Honour’s Specialization in Philosophy 3rd year) and Liam Fletcher (Honours Specialization in Philosophy 4th year) 

Message from the President: 

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” ~Plutarch 

Club's Email: philosophy@kucsc.com 

Club's Instagram: @kingsphilo 

Member Join Link: [click here]

The KPSSA is a club designed to encourage political participation and awareness in the academic community through fun and interactive events such as debate nights, trivia nights, trips abroad, and socials with peers and faculty. The Political Science club aims to encourage members to be politically aware through the presentation of diverse perspectives in a respectful space. The club is open to students in the political science faculty and we happily welcome any other student interested in politics. We encourage anyone interested in politics and interactive events to come and join!

President's Info: Barbara Christensen, Honours Double Major in Politics and International Relations and French Language and Literature

Message from the President: 

Hello! I am so proud to be the President of the KPSSA. I have been involved with the KPSSA as an executive or representative role for my last four years at King's. The things this club has achieved, including debate nights with municipal and federal candidates, trips abroad (to New York in 2023), and being a forum for political science students to meet and become friends, never ceases to impress me. I really encourage anyone interested to join and be involved in a club I love so much. <3 

Club's Email: kingspolisci@kucsc.com 
Club's Instagram: @kingspolisciclub
Club's Facebook: @KPSSA2
Club's Twitter: @KingsPoliSciClb

The King’s Psychology Club is an event-based club with the goal to educate students in an enjoyable manner by holding fun and exciting events for those interested in the Psychology community. King’s Psychology Club looks to bring students, community members and faculty together at centrally located events where they can share food, drinks, and discussion. We also aim to provide club members with the opportunity to learn about current research, possible career paths, and academic opportunities available to you. We run study groups for first year students in the Psychology 1000 course to help prepare them for their midterm or final exam. There are also opportunities for younger students to connect with senior students via Thesis Panels, where current thesis students can talk about their work and professors can speak on their research. There is a Life After King’s panel, where undergraduate students can interact with psychology alumni and build connections outside of academics. These events are a great way to get to know many of your Psychology professors and other students with the same interests as you!

President's Info: Simran Sidhu, fourth year psychology and disability studies double major.

Message from the President:

The KPA Psych Club aims to create a community of  like-minded people who are interested in psychology and mental health. Our goal is to give students a strong psychological foundation that they can carry with them wherever they go, along with academic, social, and networking tools. This organization also encourages exploration in all areas related to Psychology, so students can find their specific passion.

Club Instagram: @kingspsych
Club's Twitter: @psychologyking1
Club's Facebook: @kingspsychology

The Social Justice and Peace Studies club is a collective of like-minded individuals looking to stand together in activism, community, and support. This club is a supportive, open minded and welcoming place for all SJP students to come together. This club holds a variety of different events including faculty socials, alumni events, holiday themed socials, a community for those to go and protest together and fight for justice, this club chooses to raise money for organizations that align with our views and values as a club. The Social Justice and Peace Studies faculty and club work alongside to create events for social justice students. This club is also very active on social media. The things we are continuously posting about are injustices and news that are occurring, events that we plan on holding or events that we think the Social Justice students would like to be a part of and we share a wide variety of supports for students who are struggling.

Why Join?

  • To gain a community
  • Meet lifelong friends
  • Make connections
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Attend protests / rallies together
  • Get mentorship from upper year students

Preview of our last year events

  • Writing letters to elders
  • Bottle and food drive for the organization Safe Space
  • Valentine's and Saint patty's social
  • Movie nights
  • Alumni events
  • Social justice townhalls
  • Instagram lives about important issues

Club's Instagram: SJP Club
Club's Facebook: King's Social Justice and Peace Club 2021
Club Email: sjpclub@kucsc.com
Student Faculty Rep Email: sjp.rep@kucsc.com


King's Sociology and Criminology Association aims to connect all sociology and criminology students, as well as those with an interest in sociology or criminology or both. This club is great for those who may want a future career in sociology/criminology but also for those who want to make connections or simply find others with similar interests as them. KSCA hosts a variety of fun, inclusive, and informative events with plenty of opportunity to socialize and make connections with other members in the club or on the executive team. The welcoming  and inclusive atmosphere in this club is part of what makes this club so great, along with the added plus of its focus on sociology and criminology. We hope to have a lively and eventful academic year!

President's Info: Shivika Sharma - Honours Specialization in Criminology and Sociology, Year 4

Message from the president:

Hello Kings! I am very excited to be the 2023/2024 academic year's president and I look forward to meeting a lot of you, being able to answer any of your questions and concerns, and overall having an amazing event-filled year! Myself, as well as the entire executive team can't wait to see what the 2023/2024 academic year has in store. We kindly welcome you to become a member of KSCA!

Club's email - sociocrim@kucsc.com

Club's Instagram: @Kingssociocrim

Members Join Link: [click here]

The Thanatology Club (fondly called Than Club) is the official academic club for the King’s Thanatology program. Than Club is open to any King’s, Western and affiliate students interested in topics around death, dying, bereavement, grief, and loss/non-death loss (we also often enjoy fun “spooky” stuff, like skulls or grim reapers!) These topics can be considered extremely taboo in society but play huge roles in our lives, and Than Club hopes to open conversations around these subjects and learn more about the multitude of ways we experience them in our lives and careers. Previous meetings have included visiting Denning’s Funeral Home in Strathroy, a presentation by Western’s Body Bequeathal Program (laymen’s terms: donating your body to science), arts and crafts meetings to relax and have fun, death cafes, informational presentation by Spiritualists and mediums, game nights and many other things. This year the club is hoping to host interesting guest speakers and discussions using Zoom, online game nights or craft nights, maybe even a Netflix Watch Party or two!

Club's Facebook: facebook.com/groups/KUCThanatologyClub

Club's Emailthanatology.club@kucsc.com

Club Email:  volunteerclub@kucsc.com

A club for students in the Religious Studies department or those interested in the academic study of religion to come participate in interreligious dialogue and other social events. The club is not faith-based, but gives an opportunity for students to celebrate religious diversity on campus.

President's Info: Madeline Bickley 4th year HSP World Religion and Cultural Studies

Message from the president:

I hope anyone who is interested in religion and interreligious dialogue considers joining the club. You do not need religious affiliation to take part in RSSA!

Club's Email: rssa@kucsc.com

Club's Instagram@kingsRSSA

Member Join Link: [click here]

Our vision is to provide a safe space for 2SLGBTQIA+ students & allies, advocate for their wellbeing, & promote allyship at King’s 
Club Instagram: @prideprojectkuc