Our club is for all students who are interested in business – you do not have to be enrolled in the BMOS program to join! We provide numerous events throughout the year that cater to all students interested in or pursuing business studies. Perks of joining the King's BMOS Association include: Free exam help sessions for all Business 1220 and Business 2257 Exams; the opportunity to network with fellow Economics, Business and Math students and faculty; seminars on the opportunities available to students in the BMOS program at King's including the China Exchange and MOS Internships; an annual BMOS trip; and much more!

Jack.org strives to share this simple message, along with others, to students and staff at King’s! Through engaging events and creative presentations, Jack.orgKing’s provides a safe space to talk, educate, and share ideas about mental health. With the goal of a safe and inclusive King’s community, Jack.orgKing’s breaks the silence and stigma to allow for safe, open, and purgative mental health discussion!

Our goal is to enrich academic life and provide a social environment in which undergraduates, academics, and community members have the opportunity to come together and partake in a collaborative forum that emphasizes the relevance and value of all things historical.

In the past, the JMS Careless History Club has organized and held events such as social game nights at the Cardboard Café, teamed up with the Gaming Club for mystery escape rooms, and held information sessions about future jobs for people with a history degree. We look forward to seeing new and returning members in the fall and welcome any ideas for future events!

The Kings Campus Cursive Chapter is a branch of an international organization called More Love Letters. The main mission of the club is to spread love and encouragement through the tangible act of letter writing. In a world so caught up in texting and digital media, the Kings Campus Cursive Chapter aims to uplift and encourage students through simple hand written letters of love! Activities of the club include writing anonymous love letters to be hidden around campus and throughout the wider community for people to find, or writing love letter bundles to specific individuals who have been nominated and are in need of some love and support. There are so many ways to use hand written love letters to reach people in need.

King's CSI Club seeks to allow both students and faculty of the Childhood and Social Institutions Program to freely interact outside the classroom setting. Club members are active within the King's and London communities as we strive to fundraise for worthy causes by devoting our time and energy to helping children and families.

King’s KDS is dedicated to enriching the student experience by fostering an engaging environment for students to develop and exercise their debate skills.

KEMS is an academic club that seeks to help students in their academic aspirations. This club is of particular interest to students within the EBM (Economics, Business, Math) disciplines, as all three disciplines are interwoven and addressed by various activities of the club. The club works very closely with professors Ibott and Turnbull, who are great resources for students continuously striving to succeed.

Within its first year of running, the club successfully intrigued many members, as KEMS offers many unique opportunities. Networking opportunities with distinguished individuals within the EBM fields have allowed for current bank department managers to come in, people who have worked on the Cayman Islands, professors, and many others to share their experiences with students. Many of these individuals participated in our Speaker Convention, while others are always around and are ready to connect with students.

Tutoring services are also offered weekly for those that wish to perfect their understanding on certain mathematical or economic concepts and through this volunteer opportunities exist, as all our tutors are student volunteers. Mock exams are also available closer to exam season in order to prepare students for what is ahead of them. Socials are always a must and so KEMS offers at least a couple of socials per term (karaoke night, Network & Chill, etc.) and the Enrichment Program is a fantastic way to gain some necessary skills that will help you as you go through school or as you join the workforce. To find out what other events and services we offer, come join the club or send us an email! After all, we are always "Soaring toward success" and wish to help your in your search for success as well.

The King's French Conversation Club provide an extra opportunity to practice speaking French in a fun and stress-free environment.

Want to meet new people? Do you love games - both tabletop and virtual? Well the King's Gaming Club is the club you're looking for! We strive to keep a fun, social environment which students join to relax and play games! Come on and join the fun!

The King's Investment Club (KIC) provides students with the opportunity to learn corporate finance, valuation, and investment understanding that is required to be compettive in stock market and investment banking competitions.

The KLA's main focus: helping to make sure all Londoners have their basic needs satisfied: water, food, shelter, sanitation. How will we do this? With direct volunteer work in London, either with an established organization or through independent KLA projects. While most clubs rely on the hard dedication of club executives to guide general members through the year's activities, the KLA has a different approach. This is a club that relies on the collective agreement of all KLA members, where majority rules. In other words, your experience isn't made in the image of the KLA, the KLA is made in the image of you.

The KPSA or Philosopher Kings is a group currently run by Christian Vetro and Duane Lauzon. Christian is an English Major and Duane is a Philosophy major. Christian enjoys reading a good book by the fire and can commonly be found under a bridge by the river. Duane enjoys music, making light conversation, and keeping it real. The KPSA discusses the major philosophies of the past while discussing the modern application and importance of one’s own philosophy. Meetings will typically be held during the evening hours when it is most convenient for our members. Out meetings will be held in a variety of places, including but not limited to, the Student Life Centre, King’s library, a variety of pubs for pub night, and in the London community. The long term goal of the KPSA is to help students administer their own views and observations into a personal philosophy that does not indulge in the self. The secondary goal is to meet new people, have a good time and learn something new. Events that we host will include pub nights (as previously mentioned), a seminar with a speaker from the philosophy department, debate and discus, movie night, book studies, and a variety of paper readings and editing sessions.

King's Players is King's and Western's only dedicated, weekly meeting, Theater Company and Improv group. During the year we put on two major stage shows, a musical and a stage play, the auditions for which are held in September. We also host several other smaller shows, like Improv Survivor, a Scavenger Hunt, and two 24 Hour Theater events.

The King's Players gather every Thursday night at 9:30 in the basement of the Dante Leonardon building. Meetings consist of club discussion followed by a series of improv games. Anyone is welcome to come out even if it's just to watch!

Our main goal for Ping Pong Club is to gather students to play the game of Ping Pong and have a good time. We intend to bring the King's community together once every other Sunday to teach ping pong skills, participate in games against one another, and most importantly to enjoy the company of everyone involved. Our club will allow students to relieve stress and meet new people from the King's community.

The King's Political Science Students Association (KPSSA) is a student run club directed at undergraduate students who have chosen to pursue the discipline of Political Science and who wish to engage in activities related to their academic and future careers outside of the lecture hall. This is the go-to club for those interested in engaging speakers, memorable trips, and challenging discussions. It is a great way to meet with other students, build connections with professors, and expand your network to include other campuses, schools and academics from around the world. The KPSSA serves as a link between the department and students, as well as promotes a closer working dynamic between these two groups.

The King’s Psychology Club is an event-based club with the goal to educate students in an enjoyable manner by holding fun and exciting events for those interested in the Psychology community. King’s Psychology Club looks to bring students, community members and faculty together at centrally located events where they can share food, drinks, and discussion. We also aim to provide club members with the opportunity to learn about current research, possible career paths, and academic opportunities available to you. Some of the events we host include: Psychology related movie nights, wine and cheese mixers, and even an experiment fair! We also run study groups for first year students in the Psychology 1000 course to help prepare them for their midterm or final exam. These events are a great opportunity to get to know many of your Psychology professors and other students with the same interests as you!

The SJP Club aims to ignite passion in others to learn about social justice issues and to challenge mainstream thinking; encourage positive social change through action and education; celebrate diversity and community; and empower all.

The Thanatology Club is the official academic club of the Thanatology program. Thanatology is the study of death, dying and bereavement. The Thanatology program looks at how death related losses, and non-death related losses (i.e. loss of a job, relationship, happiness, etc) shape and mold us as human beings. Despite popular misconceptions, thanatology is NOT a morbid program, and any student who takes a Thanatology class knows that it’s actually a life-confirming experience. Thanatology can offer one an appreciation of life as it acknowledges the fact that life is finite and thus precious, so one should make the most of it by seeking out satisfying and meaningful opportunities.

The Thanatology Club’s function is to provide intellectual stimulation through social situations regarding the fields of death, dying, and bereavement in an academic but friendly and welcoming setting. Topics of discussion will include (but are not limited to): alternative therapies; how to live a good life; the search for happiness; bereavement; children and death; change, transition and loss; cultural views regarding death, death systems, dying and death; ethical issues; funeral practices; social/political issues; spiritual/philosophical issues; psychological factors; social justice regarding Thanatology; palliative care, and so much more!

While many students in this club are in the Thanatology program, we openly welcome all King’s students to our club membership. Simply put, grief and loss is a universal event that all humans share, and it affects everybody. Students may also bring friends or family to our events because of this fact, and our club encourages having meaningful conversations with loved ones regarding stigmatized topics such as death.

Our past events have included thought-provoking lectures such as: physician assisted suicide in Canada, therapeutic alternatives and connecting to nature in loss, funeral cosmetology and open casket ceremonies, home funerals, and even book clubs. Additionally, we have also had many social events such as: murder mystery parties, annual meet and greets, haunted hayrides, participating in Relay for Life, and even hosting our own death café!