What is WUSC?

WUSC: is a Canadian non-profit organization working to create a better world for all young people. We bring together a diverse network of students, volunteers, schools, governments, and businesses who share this vision. Together, they foster youth-centered solutions for improved education, economic, and empowerment opportunities to overcome inequality and exclusion in over 15 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

WUSC at King's:

Mission: To empower individuals through education and skill development, with a particular focus on encouraging equity in society, equal rights and sustainable development.

Presence at King’s: WUSC began in 2018, we have hosted 2 students since being established but struggled during the pandemic to continue our work, KUCSC is trying to bring it back! 

Involvement: WUSC exists at King's as a committee under KUCSC. Here are a few highlights of KUCSC attendance at the WUCS Form in 2024

Get Involved: Hiring for Executive Positions starts in April/May 2024! 

Read up on WUSC's Terms of Reference and Standing Committee Terms of Reference [click here]

Please email your resume and cover letter to KUCSC VPSA at president@kucsc.com

  • WUSC Chief Executive of Student Refugee Program (SRP)
  • WUSC Chief Executive  [FILLED]
  • WUSC Student Engagement Officer (1)
  • WUSC Internal Communication Officer (1)
  • WUSC Promo Commissioner (2)
  • WUSC Student Refugee Program Health and Wellbeing Officer
  • WUSC Student Refugee Program Academic Officer
  • WUSC Student Refugee Program Social Officer
  • WUSC Student Refugee Program Self Reliance Officer
  • WUSC Community Outreach Officer (1)

For More Information/ Inquiries Please Reach Out To: WUSC@kucsc.com