Why you should get involved with the KUCSC and it's programming. 

1. You meet new people.  

By getting involved in a club, sorority/fraternity or any other organization on campus, you are essentially building your network. Yes, by going to class and being on campus you will meet a few people, but by joining a group you have the chance to meet people with different perspectives, and from various cultures. The people you meet and network with may be the same major as you, or supporting majors, which can help you in school as well! Keep in mind you could potentially be meeting people who are going to be friends for life. 

2. It builds your resume.

Whether you are a freshman, or senior, it is never too late to build your resume. The more organizations and clubs you join, you are going to learn valuable information that can be used not only in life, but in your future career as well. By being an active participator in clubs/organizations can also demonstrate what you have to offer for future employers. Joining an organization shouldn’t be based solely on the fact that it will look good on your resume; it should be something that you are interested in or passionate about. Make sure to join something that will help you grow and develop as a person in both your daily, and professional life as well.

3.  Develop personal skills.

By getting involved you are going to grow substantially from the new experiences and opportunities that come your way. You could take on a leadership position, or hold some type of role that will befit you in your life and after graduation in the workplace. Even if you decide to not hold a position, you can still build your team work and communication skills just by being a member. Who knows, you may be an introvert when you first join, and by the time you graduate you will become an extrovert.  In many cases all the experiences learned from being involved are the reasons why a company may choose one candidate for employment over another.

4.  It’s fun!

By getting involved you can get a break out of the classroom, and have a fun time with people who share the same passion/ and or goals as you. You may be overwhelmed with classes and homework, and by getting involved, it will help you relax and ease any anxiety about your classes. There are typically a lot of fun events that clubs/organizations attend or host that you will remember for a lifetime. Those are the type of experiences that you will remember when you’re 50-some years old reflecting back on college. Take full advantage of the fun events that you have a chance to attend, and participate in them!

5.  Learn new things.                                     

You would be surprised at how much you can learn outside of the classroom just by getting involved. You can’t successfully grow to your best potential without trying something hands on. By working together as a group, it will give you the experience that will translate to teamwork in the workplace. Besides learning about that specific club/group you’re involved in, you will learn more than you expected.  You will become more organized, set priorities, and manage your time more effectively by being an active participant in clubs/organizations.

Getting involved will overall enrich your college experience, and you will more than likely meet friends for life through it. Everything you learn and the skills you develop through getting involved will be helpful when applying for jobs in the future.