The KUCSC boardroom is located in room KC214. This is located in the Student Life Center (KC). For a building map click here.

You can borrow a phone/laptop charger at the Library Service Desk. This is at the main entrance of the Library. You can rent it out for a 2-hour period with your student card.

You can borrow a phone/laptop charger at the Library Service Desk. This is at the main entrance of the Library. You can rent it out with your student card.

You can start a club by reviewing the clubs ratification process under resources listed here. Then send your clubs constitution to Vice President Student Affairs who will approve your document and likely approve it. From there, they will ratifiy your club at a council meeting as long as it's approved by the majority of council members. Good luck!

You can visit King's ITS (Information Technology Services) Help Desk in W047. You can also call them at 519-433-3491 X 4441 during King's ITS Hours. If you need help outside of ITS hours, email helpdesk@kings.uwo. For more information: visit

Come see the King's International Office which is locateed in Alumni Court 220. For more information, contact

So ... You can visit King's Money Matters to determine what scholarships are available. We strongly encourage you to apply for all scholarships, even if you think you are not the best applicant because other people are thinking the same thing as you.

If scholarships are not available, you can apply for Work Study which is excellent way to obtain money throughout the school year.

For more questions, you can visit

You can send doucments wirelesslly to the library printer with If you have any problems you can visit the library front desk. You will need to have money on the library print card which you can do online here or at the library front desk.

You can book at study room on the Kings library website at Once you have booked it you can grab the key from the library front desk. You can book for a maximum 2 hours a day per individual. If you have a study group, individual group members can book the room for longer.

Accessibility, Counselling and Student Development. They are a free service that offer counselling services, academic accommodation, learning skills, and career counselling. To schedule an appointment with a counsellor, visit Wemple Room 151 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm), or call 519-433-3491 ext. 4321. Walk-In services (no appointment needed) Monday to Friday 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm (Career Counselling walk-in only available on Wednesday afternoons). For further information, please email

Yes you can. While you may have missed some of their events, you can join by going to the King's Connection and asking for a specific club membership. Some clubs required club fees while others are free. Visit our club section for more information on what clubs we offer at King's.

You can visit the Elections section under Council for more information on when elections run throughout the year. Stay tuned to our events section and social for ways to get involved.

You can purchase tickets for KUCSC and King's Events at the King's Connection. Some events may offer the chance to pay for you event online which you can find out by looking at the event description.

You can either pay at the library front desk or online:

You can determine what time the Shuttle Bus comes by viewing the shuttle schedule here: