The KUCSC is passionate about assisting with funding for students or student groups who need additional funding to support activities, events, or services. If it enhances the King's student experience, then it's eligible for grant money for the KUCSC. 

While we won't be able to pay your tuition, we are able to fund new or old initiatives that you want to bring to the King's community.

How do I get a grant?

You can get a grant by filling out a grant application and sending it to the CFO at least 3 business weeks before the event. You can send it to them at or drop it off at the KUCSC office.

When do grants get awarded?

The finance committee meets monthly to review applications which is why applications must be submitted 3 business weeks prior to the desired initiative so that there is time to review and approve them. 

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more by reading over the Grants Policy and Grant Application Form. If it is not clear, reach out to our Chief Financial Officer at

Reimbursement Form

The reimbursement form is an essential tool for members of the student council who have incurred expenses while organizing events, projects, or activities on behalf of KUCSC. This form serves as a formal request for reimbursement and streamlines the process to ensure that you are promptly reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses. If you have any questions about filling out this form feel free to contact the Chief Financial officer,

Reimbursement Form

Budget Reallocation

Any request to reallocate funds within a budget line may, at the request of the Chief Financial Officer,  be required to send an email highlighting the reallocation along with a written proposal. The email subject must be “Budget Reallocation”. Any request to reallocate funds from one budget tab to another shall require an email highlighting the re-allocation along with a written proposal. This email request must be a written proposal between 300 and 500 words which is required to include: 

  • Your name and your position on council (club, rep, exec, etc.)

  • The desired amount to be re-allocated

  • Which budget line the amount is moving FROM 

  • The budget line the amount is being moved TO 

  • Why the requested budget reallocation is needed and how it will benefit the portfolio

This request may be written as a PDF and attached to the email or directly written in the email. It must be sent to the Chief Financial Officer at

Want to learn more about Financial Literacy? 

Read through our Financial Literacy 101 presentation to learn about everything from OSAP to Taxes and Tax Filing!

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