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The King's Community Garden is located in the backyard of the International House in London Ontario at King’s University College at Western University. This garden is volunteer based, with the goal of providing a sustainable alternative to buying groceries, and with the intent of teaching students how to create and maintain their own gardens.The King's Community Garden is committed to allowing King’s student and the London community to come together to plant and harvest produce. Students and other community members will be in charge of maintaining the garden, which creates stronger bonds amongst students and staff.

Students cannot typically afford large amounts of fresh produce; normally they rely on cheaper food such as pasta and rice. The garden is designed to have minimal efforts input, with maximum harvesting potential. Creating a local gardening area reduces King’s ecological footprint by developing a sustainable source of nutritious vegetables and herbs.

Gardens help minimize the impacts of climate change, by lessening the amount of CO2 released into our atmosphere in a variety of ways. First, they stop the transportation of food thousands of miles to the grocery store and then back to the house. The food produced by the King’s Community Garden will eliminate the need for students to commute to the grocery store, which also reduces their carbon footprint. Next, they eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides since the plants are not mono-cropped and are naturally more resistant to insects. Furthermore, plants clean the air and convert carbon to oxygen, which reduces King’s ecological footprint. Another benefit is for students to learn how to garden and encourage outdoor physical activities that minimize stress levels during busy exam times. Local and organic food is much healthier and fresher than foreign produce available in supermarkets.



  1. Use produce to feed King’s Students and the local Food Banks
  2. Invite high schools and community members to participate in plots and workshops
  3. Strengthen the King’s Community through this sustainable initiative
  4. Educate students about the importance of local, organic food production

Future Goals

  1. Raise awareness about the declining bee population, and how local gardens can help offset this issue (Future projects of creating a bee hive/ bug house- click here for more info)
  2. Provide a space for a King’s Compost Initiative 

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